Flight of the bumblebee: survey finds individual personalities

Queen Mary University of London tracked 4 bumblebees for their entire lives and discovered distinctions in how they looked for food

A research study has actually discovered that bumblebees have unique characters.

Some bees play it safe by going back to the exact same flowers once again and once again while others look for brand-new sources of nectar, researchers discovered.

The scientists, from Queen Mary University of London, tracked 4 bumblebees from birth to death, tape-recording an overall of 244 flights covering a range of more than 110 miles.

Each bee had a small aerial connected to its body that permitted the researchers to follow its motions utilizing radiosignals. Specific bees varied significantly in the method they foraged for food.

Dr James Makinson, among the scientists, stated: One bee was something of a long-lasting vagabond, never ever calming down on a single spot of flowers.

In contrast, another of our bees was extremely persistent, rapidly changing after just 3 flights from expedition of the surrounding environment to focusing specifically on a single forage place for 6 successive days.

After 6 days this bee changed her focus on a better forage source. She had the ability to do this without re-exploring her environment, recommending she had actually kept in mind the area from her preliminary expeditions.

Our other 2 bees sprinkled foraging for a single area with exploratory flights throughout their life.

The research studies organizer, Prof Lars Chittka, stated: For the very first time, we have actually had the ability to tape the total life story of a bee.

Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2016/aug/04/flight-of-the-bumblebee-survey-finds-individual-personalities

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