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If you wonder why Mark Levin’s radio show, Glenn Beck’s TV show and Erick Erickson’s website,, are so anti-Trump, here’s your answer: They’re doing it for the money.

The Daily Caller tracked down the money trail with the Conservative Treehouse and found the money source for the so-called “Great One,” Mark Levin:

“As the spearhead of the ‘Dump Trump’ movement, the  same GOP establishment big-dollar donors and PACs that are pushing House Speaker Paul Ryan as a dark-horse presidential candidate, despite the big-government omnibus-budget deals Ryan reached last year with President Obama, are funding Mark Levin, Erick Erickson, and Glenn Beck to promote Senator Ted Cruz.

“The Senate Conservatives Fund, a PAC founded by former Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina that backed Cruz in his Senate fight against Obamacare, spent $427,000 to buy copies of radio talk show host Mark Levin’s four-year-old book ‘Liberty or Tyranny’ to distribute to donors – a purchase that should have earned Levin approximately $1 million in royalties.

“Despite his many diatribes against trump broadcast to his national radio audience, Levin hid the fact the son of his fiance is a full-time staffer for Cruz.”

And here are the financial strings to TV puppet Glenn Beck:

“GOP establishment political operative David Barton not only runs ‘Keep the Promise,’ one of the most prominent pro-Cruz Super-PACs, he  also serves as the chairman of Glenn Beck’s ‘Mercury One’ charity.

“So, the next time you see Glenn Beck on his knees proclaiming that Ted Cruz is the ‘anointed one,’ deemed by God to be president of the United States, you might ask yourself if God also deemed  Barton to put at Beck’s disposal the millions in Super-PAC money he can funnel to Beck, so long as Beck continues to sing Ted Cruz’s tune.”

And last but not least, here’s the funding for Erick Erickson:

“Yet even these political whores do not top ‘conservative’ Erick Erickson, founder of, who funds his media venture ‘The Resurgent’ with Super-PAC money from the Ricketts family of Wisconsin, big backers of Governor Scott Walker (who incidentally endorsed Cruz).

“… the Ricketts family funded Our Principles PAC to the tune of $3 million in February alone. We should not be surprised when FEC filings show money from Our Principles PAC flowing

“ documented that the Ricketts family funded Our Principles PAC to the tune of $3 million in February alone.  We should not be surprised when FEC filings show money from Our Principles PAC flowing to Resurgent Media, with the box “Oppose Trump” checked off as the Erickson media group’s purpose.

“In addition to all of those in the Salem Media Communications network, along with Levin, Beck, Erickson, Ben Shapiro and anyone who is hosted upon the various media enterprises they front for… all paid shrills dependent upon political graft.”

It’s obvious that just about all conservative media isn’t fair or balanced when it comes to reporting this year’s GOP primary. And it’s another reason why grass-roots conservatives are so angry against the Republican Establishment – or anyone connected to it.

Are there any conservative media outlets you still trust to give objective reporting of the news?

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