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I read an article on AOL about how President Donald Trump loves McDonald’s quarter pounders and deep fried apple pies,  He instructed His cooking staff to mimic and serve quarter pounders for him but they where unable to do that because the ingredients they use at the White House is above and beyond what McDonald’s uses.

We the consumers have come to realize and understand fast food is not the healthiest way to go “We Get It Already” but we do crave and need our fast food at times,  Anyhow, all this talk in the AOL  article about McDonald’s as I was reading worked my hunger up for a McDonalds quarter pounder w-cheese meal for dinner, I went without  lunch so I wouldn’t feel guilty for eating out, so I waited until dinner time then I drove to the nearest McDonalds restaurant and placed my order at the drive-through window.

I drove home with my meal and sat back to watch an Alex Jones INFO-WARS video and enjoy my dinner, I opened the cardboard container and reached in to picked up my quarter pounder w-cheese and this thing was so rock hard and cold I would swear on a stack of bibles it’s been sitting out for at least three days, the hamburger meat was almost black the bun was harder then the cardboard container it was served in. It’s not enough that we have to eat unhealthy food these cooperations serve to us peasants down here in the trenches, now we have to eat their leftover garbage from lunchtime sitting out for hours waiting for some poor sap to come along and serve it to so they don’t have to miss out on one red cent of profit.

Tip: If you have to eat fast food and it has to be McDonald’s then don’t drive through, Park your car and go in and place your order to be made fresh to go, tell them you’ll wait…If you do go through the drive through then pull over and park first and inspect your order before you drive away…

PS: I did take the quarter pounder rock or whatever that was back to McDonald’s and they did apologize and gave me a fresh meal…

by: Maloy


Our Loved Ones Died. We Want Action on Guns.

By MATTEEN MOKALLA and ANDREA HAVIS | Oct. 6, 2017, | 3:51

Columbine. Virginia Tech. Sandy Hook. We are survivors and the family of the dead. We call on Republican leaders to take action after the massacre in Las Vegas.



Confronting North Korea on the Death of an American Student


In an interview with Nicholas Kristof, a senior North Korean official suggests the United States government let American student Otto Warmbier die to stir up anti-Communist sentiment.



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A Walk Through Dominica, Hours After Hurricane Maria

By BARBARA MARCOLINI | Sep. 22, 2017 | 1:43

On the morning after Hurricane Maria hit Dominica, a resident surveyed the devastation in the island’s capital, Roseau.


Tom Price Resigns Under Pressure

By CHRIS CIRILLO, GLENN THRUSH and A.J. CHAVAR | Sep. 29, 2017 | 1:47

Tom Price, the health and human services secretary, resigned on Friday. Mr. Price drew criticism for his use of expensive chartered flights, which undermined President Trump’s promise to “drain the swamp” of an entitled capital.




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Article Writing for Money: Things You Need To Know!

How cool would it be, to make money from home or online from any location in the world? If that sounds like something your interested in then read on, do you enjoy Reading and writing? Do you have the gift of gab or have a creative side that can be expressed in words?  If you do, then you may want to consider writing articles for money. Unlike affiliate marketing or selling Amazon products, article writing takes skill that only comes from your thoughts and feeling…

Writing articles from home for money is increasing in popularity. With social media exploding off the charts these days and everyone feeling a strong urge to get their word out, then why not get paid for writing post articles for other people,  With that said, it is not an opportunity that everyone is cut out for. To see if your prepared to make it as a web content writer, even if just on a part-time basis, then keep reading…

The most important tool you need obviously, is a home computer before you can even begin your first article writing job. A desktop computer will serve you best for article writing jobs, but you may also want to invest in a laptop if the time comes you decide you want to write from home full-time, and you don’t always work a set in stone schedule. Being mobile and able to move around or work while you are on a trip is recommended. This is where a laptop is “KING of the hill”. When you work from a laptop, your not grounded in one place…

Internet access is a must for your new work from home article writing service. It’s a must have since your writings of compose articles will later need to be uploaded onto the Internet. If your goal is to write articles for magazines, you will need Internet access to do the proper amount of research. Which magazines are the best ones to submit your articles to? What submissions requirements do they have? The Internet can help you find the answers to all these questions and so much more. Maybe you want to write how to lose weight articles or how to improve your golf swing, or How To Find A Date, whatever it is you want to write about their is someone out there who will pay you good money for your article…

Article writers do a lot of writing. For this reason, consider upgrading to high-speed Internet. It allows you to do your online research at a fast rate of speed. Even if you only save 20 seconds with a web page loading, those 20 seconds can significantly add up over time. If your worried about costs, then price shop around for the best deals…

Although it’s not technically required, most article writers have and work with Microsoft Word. If you choose to meet and work with paying clients online, most will require that you save your articles in a Word document. Microsoft Word is also recommended, as it comes with helpful tools, including a word count monitor, spell check, and grammar check… 

The items mentioned above are materialistic for business, but there are also personal qualities that you should have if you want to make money writing articles. One of those qualities is patience. As I previously stated, making money by writing articles is increasing in popularity as a way to work from home. This means there is a lot more competition for available jobs. However, Don’t give up, you will find projects, but you may not always get the projects you set out for…

Be prepared and willing to handle criticism. There’s nothing worse than hearing that your articles were filled with errors and lack quality, but remember what doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger and more determined to get the job done and make money writing articles for our paying clients. Don’t let it get you down and bother you to the point that you give up and stop writing altogether, use negative criticism as a way to improve your articles. Some criticism may help improve your skills that may even result in more projects and more money in your Pay Pal account…

The need to express in written word your thoughts and research is also a powerful motivator for those who want to work and make money from home as a niche article writer. Aside from facing stiff and tough competition for good paying article projects, you will also find yourself working long hours, not because you have to but because you love writing articles, and why not get paid for doing what you love doing? With that said, the rewards from your articles will be worth more than you can imagine in the end…

Thank You,



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